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Advanced Port Scanner - About Us

Founded in 1999, Famatech is a world leader in developing remote control and network management software. Famatechís award-winning software products are used by millions of IT professionals worldwide.

Since launching Advanced Port Scanner in 2002, Famatech has continued to develop and improve this program. Advanced Port Scanner has proven itself through the years as a reliable and helpful tool to manage LAN and perform a wide range of networking tasks. Each new version is rigorously tested by Famatech and beta-testers from around the world. The company considers all recommendations on product improvement in order to create the best possible solution for customers.

Integration with Radmin, Famatechís other most popular product, greatly expands the capabilities of Advanced Port Scanner and simplifies the system administratorís job.

Global leaders in technology, including IBM, Sony, Nokia, HP, Siemens and Samsung, as well as by major telecommunications operators, government organizations, and financial institutions use Famatech software.

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