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Beta testing of the new Advanced Port Scanner is now open


Famatech, developer of Radmin, the popular remote support software, launches Beta testing for its free port scanner Advanced Port Scanner 2.4.

Advanced Port Scanner 2.4.2679 is the latest version of our fast and free port scanner for Windows. The program provides for multi-threaded port scanning of network devices at very high speed, allowing users to identify programs running on all open ports (TCP and UDP). Advanced Port Scanner has been completely rewritten interface has been redesigned, scanning speed has been substantially increased and many new features have been added.

Open Beta testing of our Advanced Port Scanner 2.4 offers users the chance to be among the first to experience the latest development from Famatech. You will interact directly with our developers, share your experiences with, and opinions about, the product and suggest possible improvements.

For your free download of Advanced Port Scanner 2.4, Beta version, please visit: www.advanced-port-scanner.com.

To learn more about Beta testing, to submit bug reports or to make suggestions, please visit: www.advanced-port-scanner.com/beta.

Each Beta tester submitting constructive comments and suggestions will receive free Radmin license.

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