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Version: 2.4.2679 beta
License: freeware

Advanced Port Scanner

Advanced Port Scanner is a free network scanner allowing you to quickly find open ports on network computers and retrieve versions of programs running on the detected ports. The program has a user-friendly interface and rich functionality.

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Key Features

Fast multithreaded
port scanning

The program scans hundreds of PCs in a matter of seconds. It scans all computer ports (TCP and UDP) and finds names and versions of programs running on these ports.

Easy access
to the resources found

This program allows you one-click access to various network computer resources such as HTTP, HTPS, FTP and shared folders.

Getting information about
network devices

With Advanced Port Scanner you can get maximum information about all network devices, including computer names, IP and MAC addresses, names of manufacturers of network cards and Wi-Fi routers. You can export the results to HTML and CSV.

Remote access

The program finds all computers running RDP or Radmin and lets you connect to any one of them with one click. The free Radmin Viewer needs to be installed on your PC for you to access a remote machine running Radmin Server.

Wake-On-LAN and
Remote PC shutdown

This shuts down any remote machine or group of machines running a Windows operating system. Also, you can wake a remote computer or a group of computers if the machines' network cards support the "Wake-On-LAN" feature.

Run commands
on a remote computer

There is the opportunity to run quick commands (ping, tracert, telnet and SSH) on a selected computer.
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